The Western Pennsylvania Unit Train Transload Railroad Siding Facility study is now available for review.

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The History of Sharpsville Furnace

The Borough of Sharpsville, the world’s largest producer of iron back in the 1800’s, was once home to a total of nine blast furnaces, owned and operated by the Shenango Furnace Company. All but 3 of these were located along a mile and a half stretch of land adjacent to the Shenango River.

This expansive piece of property, a former site of the Erie Canal, is the confluence of where Sharpsville, PA’s rich, industrial history merges with its current residents’ modern entrepreneurism. Patrick Zoccole, President and general partner of the Development of the Sharpsville Furnace, embodies this: revering Sharpsville’s past, while still maintaining a creative vision looking forward.

Development of Sharpsville Furnace Today

At one point during its 100 mile journey through the hills and valleys of western Pennsylvania, the Shenango River runs next to a mile and a half long piece of historic property where the old Shenango Furnace once stood.

This expansive piece of property, a former site of the Erie Canal, now has two main lines and a spur of Norfolk Southern and plenty of space for future development. Current president and general partner Patrick Zoccole takes us on a tour of the past, present, and his future vision for this site.

The Future of Development of Sharpsville Furnace

This animation video highlights the current DSF property and shows the potential of the Western PA Unit Train Rail Siding and other possibilities for the property.

Drone Flyover

Take a tour of the Development of Sharpsville Furnace property from the sky as you watch this video shot via drone aerial photography.